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100% Champagne gift ideas

Welcome to the blog of Sarah & Romain, two people from Sparnaccio who are passionate about the Champagne region and the treasures it offers for Champagne gift ideas. We have been living in our apartments for a few years now, just a stone’s throw from the Avenue de Champagne, where we receive visitors from all over the world, most of them leaving with souvenirs and gifts from the Champagne region.
Most of the time, people leave the region with gifts of bottles and boxes of Champagne, but today we want to show you that the Champagne region is full of other little nuggets that reflect its terroir and that you will love to give as a gift to your loved ones.
Why share with you the best ideas for gifts from the Champagne region? Firstly, because we want to help the residents of Epernay and the whole Champagne region to offer personalised gifts made here by passionate people.
Secondly, so that our visitors can take home a souvenir or gift of their stay that is a genuine product of the Champagne region. This is certainly more personal and pleasing than the traditional gifts that can easily be found even without coming to Champagne or Epernay.
Why give a 100% Champagne region gift? We are keen to support the local economy by buying products and gifts from the region’s local players. We want to promote local people who keep the Champagne region alive with exceptional shops and gift products and make our heritage shine across the borders.