Welcome to our home!

Sarah and Romain

Holiday rental in Epernay, Apartment in B&B where to stay near Reims in Champagne

We are Sarah and Romain, welcome to our home in Epernay.

Sarah is originally from Lille and passionate about cooking, and Romain is ‘Sparnacien’ (the name given to people who are from Epernay). Our passion for travelling has taken us to work in the hospitality sector all our lives.

Our Story

In 2017 we decided to follow up on our life-long dream, creating a holiday rental in Epernay. We had just come back from a 9-month trip to South-East Asia and Australia with our daughter who was 2 years old at the time, trying to think about what it was that made our trips memorable.

Our first thoughts were about quirky accommodations such as pods and bubble domes. However, what we came to realise is that we remembered the names of the places we stayed in less often than the names of the people we stayed with. Meeting new people and sharing our stories is exactly what made our travels so interesting.

With our two children, it became more challenging to travel. This was the perfect timing for us to return to you the kindness you have given us during our travels and invite your stories into our home. And if we haven’t met before, we will surely meet now.

In the same way that our hosts made our travels richer and more exciting, we like to think that we can do the same to your visit to Epernay in Champagne.

Vacation rental for an holiday stay in Epernay, France

Our project: creating the ideal holiday rental in Epernay

Our travels were a great source of inspiration. When we finally understood the experience we want you to have, we knew exactly what to look for to make it happen. Our holiday rental in Epernay is now exactly what we were aiming for.

When we discovered our house after searching high and low, we put all our passion into renovating it to make it the perfect place to stay while visiting the Champagne region.

The first apartment, Studio 86, was inaugurated in 2018. A year later, we inaugurated Terrace 86. A beautiful garden level apartment is currently in development and planned to open at the end of 2021.

Choosing Epernay

Epernay has always been our home regardless of how far we were. We always loved returning to spend time with our families.

After our first daughter was born, friends of ours visited us from Australia. Naturally, we wanted them to learn more about who we were and where we came from. It had been years since we had taken the time to rediscover Epernay, our home.

We were surprised to find a vibrant city, in constant evolution. Epernay is the kind of place where everything is possible! Young wine growers are starting to turn towards a more sustainable future, and there are now an increasing number of exciting ways to travel around the vineyards: electric bikes, mopeds, vintage vans, electric meharis, scooters etc.

Over the course of three years, the difference in quality and diversity of local services in Epernay has been impressive. This is an adventure that we wanted to be part of and that reflects who we are.

Holiday rental in Epernay, Apartment in B&B where to stay near Reims in Champagne