Unusual places to stay in the Champagne region for an unforgettable night!

Spend the night in an unusual accommodation in Champagne

Let’s have a look at the best unusual accommodations in the French Champagne region. These are places like no other to spend a weekend if you are looking for a change of scene! The hosts I’m going to introduce you offer a unique experience where you will share a very special and memorable moment.

Whether you want to get away, to relax, to enjoy a romantic get-together or to spend extraordinary family vacations, these quirky accommodations in the heart of nature offer a change of scenery to admire the breathtaking views of the vineyards.

All these places are the perfect mix between exoticism and comfort, which makes them genuine heaven of peace where happiness rules. I am delighted when I spend the night in these atypical places that have nothing to do with hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. These crazy places to stay are by far one of the greatest ways to have golden memories.

Dare to venture off the beaten track and have a unique experience staying at least one night in an unusual accommodation in the Champagne region!

Cottage Antoinette: quirky holiday cottages  to spend several nights with a panoramic view

Cottage Antoinette - Unusual accomodation in Champagne region
© Cottages Antoinette
Cottage Antoinette - Unusual accomodation in Champagne region
© Cottages Antoinette

Let’s start this unusual getaway in the gorgeous Cottages Antoinette. These are ecolodges with a stunning view of the vineyards that have been designed by Delphine-Antoinette and Marc to offer you an original and unforgettable sojourn.

Not only do these cottages provide the comfort of a 4-star luxury apartment, these unusual gites are almost like a paradise in the heart of the vineyard with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Champagne hillsides.

Just as in a hotel, you can enjoy room service with meal baskets delivered right to your door for breakfast or lunch. And to make the most out of your day, feel free to contact your hosts to participate in activities such as visiting an art workshop or organizing a gourmet picnic nestled in the vineyards.

The terrace will be your ideal place to admire the beautiful scenery. In the morning, you will also be able to feast your eyes on the landscape right from your bed or from the living room thanks to the patio doors on both floors of your cottage. How cool is it to be connected to nature and enjoy the total change of scenery day and night, from inside and outside?

And to truly restore yourself, this quirky place also features a hot tub in the garden for a peaceful break in front of the vineyard, in good company.

The So-Bo cottage is perfect for a romantic night with the one who makes you sparkle like the bubbles of champagne that will accompany this moment outside of time. And if you’re rather looking for a weekend in Champagne with friends, choose the Zen-hit or the Fizzy-Hop cottages.

To keep this unique place quiet, children under 12 years old are not accepted. This will be an opportunity to enjoy a two-night break among adults.

Cottages Antoinette

If you’re fascinated by unique discoveries and places, don’t miss reading our article on ‘La cave aux coquillages’, an unusual visit that offers a truly exceptional experience in Champagne. Additionally, I invite you to explore the hidden treasures of Champagne, including Châtillon-sur-Marne, renowned for its impressive statue standing at 33 meters tall.

The cabanes du bois d’orient to spend a night perched in the trees

Cabane du bois d'orient
© The cabanes du bois d’orient
Cabane du bois d'orient
© The cabanes du bois d’orient

If you like going off the beaten track, you will absolutely love the treehouses Les Cabanes au Bois d’Orient. It is one of my favourite unusual accommodations in Champagne.

Climb up to reach these treehouse cottages perched in a place like no other that provides a total change of scenery for the most daring.

This experience feels a bit like a return to the roots in the heart of the small forêt de l’Étoile, a natural area that turns into your room for a night. Just as a real forest dweller, you will be introduced to dry toilets and LED lamps for lighting, which guarantees a truly incredible moment for both young and old.

And for the foodies, you can also add an optional aperitif basket to savour while admiring a superb sunset and then the stars as soon as the night falls. You can enjoy this unusual experience under the trees of the forest or by the river, depending on your favourite cabin, and why not both if you settle there for several nights.

I recommend these unusual huts if you want to live a unique moment as a couple or for a family stay devoted to adventure!

Les Cabanes de la Presle, the best quirky accommodation for a stay outside of time

Cabane de la Presle 
Beautiful acccomodation in champagne region -
© Bestjobers

Finally, let’s conclude this tour of unusual accommodations in the Champagne region with Les Cabanes de la Presle, a perfect place to take a break in a green environment I love so much. 

Manou & Rémi welcome you to spend an atypical night while getting closer with the Champagne spirit I like so much. You won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see the luxury that resembles a hotel room. With family, friends or as a couple, come and live a dream moment in an unusual hut perched high in the trees of the Montagne de Reims Natural Park!

These treehouses are well equipped and comfortable, which makes them perfect to spend several nights as if in a cocoon while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Presle’s nursery garden. You’ll never get enough!

Again, the foodies won’t resist the breakfast and aperitif baskets with a delicious bottle of champagne. And the icing on this atypical experience: you will pick up your meals using a pulley set up on the terrace of your perched hut.

Cabane de la Presle Beautiful acccomodation in champagne region -
© Bestjobers

Finally, because you don’t want this parenthesis to come to an end, treat yourself at the Plume cabin with its balneo hot tub to bubble away until the end of the night and live a pure daydream.

La Réserve dans l’Aube: A Mix of Green Living and Modern Comfort

Welcome to La Réserve dans l’Aube, your next go-to for unusual accommodations in the Champagne region that you won’t forget! Hidden in nature, this spot offers three unique places to stay – Le Noyer, Le Figuier, and Le Cerisier. Think that sounds great? There’s more to see!

Picture a cozy wooden place where everything is set up for a top-notch stay. These Zomes, that’s what they call them, blend green living with a modern touch. You’ll love their see-through roofs, perfect for star gazing.

© La réserve dans L’aube
La réserve de L'aube
© La réserve dans L’aube

Wake up to sunlight coming through your glass ceiling bathroom—a different kind of luxury. After a refreshing shower, relax on your own terrace, ready for some chill time and maybe some wine tasting. Perfect for a romantic start to the day!

Here, it’s all about you: a warm pool, a bubbling jacuzzi, bikes ready to go…

Adress : 13 Rue Villebion, 10370 Villenauxe-la-Grande

Keep in mind, booking at La Réserve in the Aube isn’t just about getting unusual accommodations in the Champagne region; it’s about living a dream.

La Réserve dans l’Aube

Unusual Accommodations in Champagne: Sleep Under the Stars ✨

Escape the daily grind with this unusual accommodation in the Champagne region. Located in Meurville, near Bar-sur-Aube and close to the local vineyard of Côte des Bar, this glass dome is something special.

Enjoy the view of the vineyards, right from your bed or even your own jacuzzi. It’s a special break, mixing nights under the stars with all the comfort you’d want, right in the heart of nature.

Whether it’s a couple’s trip or a family adventure, Sandra invites you to this cool spot, making you feel right at home in the beauty of the Champagne region.

Nuit’S Féérique en Champagne

La route des bulles: the cocoon for a night under the stars

Route des bulles en champagne - in the vineyard

Let’s pursue our gateway at La Route des Bulles for a unique experience in the wilderness, right under the stars. David and Vanessa decided to offer you an unforgettable stay as close to nature as possible in their transparent eco-designed bubbles.

Nestled at the foot of a magnificent sequoia tree, on the banks of a pond or in the heart of the vineyards, it’s the best place to ask your lover out for a romantic break in a lush setting to enjoy a moment like no other that will for sure remain engraved in your memory.

If you don’t sleep the whole night, enjoy this magical moment with your soulmate and make sure to keep your eyes wide open to admire the sky above the huge park of the Château de Montabert. 

Much more than a mere unusual experience, it is the ultimate chance to make your childhood dream come true by sleeping outside under the stars yet in a comfortable and charming cocoon.

As you jump out of bed, enjoy a breakfast with the sound of birds and the beautiful view, put on your shoes and head out to one of the hiking trails right next to your bubble.

If you are a nature lover and you’re fond of strange but cool places to stay, you can even plan an unforgettable stay for several nights in the Champagne region and switch from one cocoon to another each evening by cycling or walking along the park’s paths.

Well, which little nest will you like to spend the night in? There is no doubt you will love discovering the Champagne region through a unique experience in one of these quirky accommodations in Champagne. Tell me which one gets your heart in the comments!

During the day, the best way to sublimate your stay in Epernay is to visit the must-see places in the Champagne region in order to discover the history and the heritage of the region. I also invite you to check out the Facebook group Visiter la Champagne to take advantage of the good tips shared by the locals.

I’ll see you soon for a magical getaway! 

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