What is the best place to stay when visiting the Champagne region (and why choose Epernay)

Our beautiful Champagne region is full of tourist sites to discover, but where is the best place to stay when visiting the Champagne region?

There is a wide range of accommodation available in the region to suit all budgets: luxury hotels, gites, bed and breakfast, etc. As you can see, finding a hotel or a holiday rental will not be difficult. On the other hand, deciding which city to stay in can be a headache! Should you necessarily stay in the capital city of Reims or prefer a small village? Is it better to stay in Epernay or Châlons?

Here are our tips for choosing which town to stay in during a stay in Champagne and making the most of the region’s tourist sites.

Where to stay in Champagne to visit the region and make the most of the essential tourist sites

First of all, we think the most practical way to visit the Champagne region is to choose a centrally located town. A city that allows you to easily get around to discover the region’s must-see sites.

Secondly, choosing where to stay also means finding a town that will offer the right mix of accommodation and restaurants, being able to do things on foot, cycling, and being able to get to the sights quickly by car.

Finally, if you look at a map of the region, you will quickly understand that this town is Epernay! It is for us the best option for accommodation in Champagne. For a weekend or a real week’s holiday in the Champagne region, choosing Épernay is not a mistake.

If you stay more than a weekend in Champagne, of course nothing prevents you from staying in different places. Indeed, between Reims, Epernay and a small typical village, it can also be pleasant to change the setting.

Let’s see the different choices available to you and the advantages of choosing one or another solution for accommodation in Champagne.

Why choose Epernay in you wonder where to stay in Champagne

Epernay, where to stay to visit the Champagne region

As you can see, from our point of view, Epernay is the ideal city to stay in and visit the Champagne region. Booking a hotel or a holiday rental in Epernay allows you to easily explore the surrounding area.

The village of Dom Pérignon (Hautvillers) at 5km, the cathedral of Reims at 20km, the village of Aÿ-Champagne at 3km, the main tourist visits of Champagne are located very close to Épernay.

In Epernay everything can be done on foot or by bike, and for the rest you can take your car or use public transport. The train station in Epernay is directly accessible from Paris and there are buses that connect Épernay to Reims or Châlons very easily. So spending the day in Reims will be very easy and will usually be enough to visit the main monuments.

The attraction of staying in Epernay to visit the Champagne region is not just geographical or strategic! No, Epernay is one of the must-see tourist sites in Champagne. With its sublime cultural and architectural heritage, its champagne houses among the most prestigious (Moët & Chandon, Perrier-Jouët, De Castellane…), Epernay offers the ideal compromise between city and village. We have also compiled a list of the best restaurants in and around Epernay.

In addition, the capital of Champagne is bordered by the Marne river and we can assure you that the bike rides are among the most pleasant in the region!

As Epernay is a small town, it is not necessary to stay in the city centre (especially as the entire city centre has paid parking). Staying outside the centre will give you a much wider choice of accommodation. In addition, it gives you access to better services for the same price.

For example, by booking our Terrasse 86 or Jacuzzi 86 flat you can enjoy a very large terrace overlooking the vineyards: perfect for a glass of Champagne at sunset!

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Where to stay in Reims to discover the Champagne region

Reims, where to stay to visit Champagne

If you are planning to stay in Reims for several days to discover all the sights, then it might be a good idea to stay a few nights in the second largest city of the Grand Est region. Accommodation in Reims will also be the choice for those who prefer big cities.

Reims has a very pretty city centre, a rich heritage and some beautiful Champagne houses to discover. The Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see.

The beautiful Place d’Erlon has unfortunately seen a multitude of fast food restaurants spring up, but there are some good addresses! Take advantage of your day in Reims to visit the Tau Palace, the royal residence for the coronations of the great crowned heads.

Choosing Reims means you can visit the great Champagne houses such as Veuve Cliquot in orange, or Pommery in blue. Don’t miss its magnificent castle!

Lodging in small Champagne villages

Hauvillers, where to stay to visit Champagne

For lovers of small bucolic villages, treat yourself to a night in one of the small typical Champagne villages of the region. However, we don’t necessarily advise you to spend the whole of your stay there. Indeed, the villages do not always offer a wide choice of restaurants and this could be a bit frustrating.

However, if you want to stay in a small village in the Champagne region, we recommend spending a night in Hautvillers. The birthplace of champagne and the village of Dom Pérignon, Hautvillers is a small, flowery and welcoming winegrowing village where life is good.

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Another choice could be to stay along the Marne canal, in Aÿ-Champagne, a group of 3 villages that have kept their souls. It is also an opportunity to visit James Bond’s Champagne “Bollinger”!

Be careful if you do some Champagne tasting in town when you take the car. Staying in town offers the added bonus of being able to walk home if necessary.

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Do you need to book in advance? Our advice from locals

That’s it! You have chosen the town where you will put your bags for a Champagne weekend? And you have chosen Epernay! (sigh…) You may be wondering whether it’s better to book your accommodation in advance or not. We won’t lie to you, it all depends on the season… we’ll explain it all to you.

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High season: June to September + Habits de Lumière Weekend (mid-December)

Wherever you decide to stay to visit the Champagne region, we advise you to plan your stay well in advance. By booking your accommodation in advance, you will have much more choice. From personal experience, our flats in Epernay are sometimes rented several months in advance in high season.

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Grape harvest: end of August

The grape harvest season is a great time to visit our beautiful Champagne region. It is also a very popular time for tourists so plan your accommodation in advance. The same advice applies to visits to Champagne houses: they are often fully booked during the harvest.

Low season: October to May

Of course, it is still possible to plan a weekend in Champagne at the last minute. The choice of hotels and holiday accommodation is vast and you will certainly find a place to stay. That said, an impromptu weekend is easier to organise out of season. For example, in October, the beautiful colours of autumn invade the vineyards, in winter the snow can make an appearance for magical landscapes, while spring is ideal for its temperatures and the renewal of nature!

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Come visit us and take advantage of our advice on tours and tastings to discover the best of the Champagne region!

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