Viewpoints around Epernay: Top 10 Spots You Can’t Miss

Unveiling the Best Viewpoints around Epernay for Memorable Picnics

Looking for that unforgettable viewpoint around Epernay? The perfect panorama to accompany your glass of champagne? Look no further. Epernay is not only famous for its bubbles but also for its breathtaking viewpoints.

There you are, on the blog of a Champagne woman in love with her region and Epernay! This is the place where I share the best places to discover the Champagne region striving to create wonderful memories. Today, we’re going on a road trip to reach the most beautiful viewpoints around Epernay.

So, ready to discover the most stunning panoramas in the Champagne region? Which viewpoints around Epernay should you seek out? How to find the ideal spot for a memorable picnic? What are the best viewpoints near Epernay?  Stay with me, and I’ll reveal all!

Discover the best places for a picnic among lush gardens, stroll through the iconic Avenue de Champagne, and immerse yourself in the scenic vineyards where passionate winegrowers craft their magic.

Hautvillers: A Step from Epernay, Discover an Exceptional Panorama

Beautiful Viewpoint in Hautvillers close

It’s no accident that this little winegrowers village near Epernay is one of our favorites in Champagne, and I’m sure it will quickly become one of your favorites too once you’ve spent some time there. 

Hautvillers is nestled so it offers several great viewpoints of Epernay and the Champagne valley. As soon as you arrive at the bottom of the village, you’ll be able to go to two spots,and a third one above the village that is even nicer. 

Beautiful Viewpoint in Hautvillers close Epernay
Beautiful Viewpoint in Hautvillers close Epernay

And to make the most of the place, let yourself be guided by our Hautvillers tourist guide, to discover the essence of the cradle of champagne nestled between the hillsides listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site

Epernay: The Region’s Panoramic Gem Among Viewpoints around Epernay

Epernay - Champagne - weekend - Mont Bernon - Best point of view around Epernay

The Mont Bernon is a major site in Epernay to have a walk and above all to discover incredible landscapes. Mont Bernon offers you an overall view of the Champagne vineyard you’ll never forget. 

At over 200 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a plunging view of the hillsides, the city of Epernay, the whole valley, and to top it all: the Côte des Blancs. Take a seat on one of the wooden benches meant to welcome visitors for a moment of silence to plunge into the horizon. 

Hike departures, playground, educational panels and picnic areas are also waiting for you. 

  • Address: Chemin de la Source, 51200 Epernay 

Mareuil-Sur-Ay: Dive into Stunning Marne Views at Notre-Dame du Gruguet

Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region

You know, there are places that surprise us from the very first visit. Just 10 minutes from Epernay, I discovered this little piece of heaven in Mareuil-Sur-Ay, in the commune of Ay Champagne.

If you’re the type to explore the region by bike, I highly recommend taking a break here. The view of the Marne is simply breathtaking. And the name of this spot? Notre-Dame du Gruguet. It’s not only a feast for the eyes but also the perfect place to pause and rejuvenate.

Champillon: Elevate Your Experience with Epernay’s Overhead Viewpoints

Champagne region autumn
Best scenic view around Epernay

Champillon is located right in the middle of the regional natural park of the mountain of Reims, which makes it an outstanding place to admire the valley. That’s all you need to enjoy watching the forest, the vineyard and the surrounding villages. Youll be blown away!  

One of the most beautiful viewpoints is at the Royal Champagne Hôtel & Spa 5*, an exceptional and magical place that perfectly matches the incredible panorama. And although you don’t spend the night there, I highly recommend that you have a drink or a bite to eat there and enjoy the sumptuous view of the Champagne valley

If you’re only passing by, take a moment on each side of the hotel, it is amazing. You can also find a nice spot 2 minutes drive down to the village. 

Cumières: Vineyard Vistas – A Unique Viewpoint around Epernay

Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region
In Cramant

Now let me take you to a viewpoint in the heart of the vineyards, which I love to go to, about ten minutes from Epernay. This site called “L’écume des Vignes” offers a panorama of the Cumières village and the whole Marne valley. You got to go and see it by yourself!  

But it’s not just a simple panorama: it’s also a “vineyard lodge“, once used by winemakers. These lodges, reimagined by architecture students during the summer universities “Architecture and Champagne”, have transformed into lively spaces open to all, enriching the Champagne landscape. It’s a fusion of heritage and innovation worth discovering.

Grauves: A Panoramic Journey from Slopes to Côte des Blancs

Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region

Standing between the hillsides of the southern side of Epernay and the Côte des Blancs on the other side, the village of Grauves offers magnificent views. Whichever corner you choose, it will be a perfect spot to admire the cliffs, the vineyards, the fields, the Champagne villages and our beautiful forest. 

Want a piece of advice? Take time to walk around the village to enjoy several viewpoints, each and every slope offers incredible ones. 

Chavot-Courcourt: Overlook the Champagne Valley from the Saint-Martin Church Viewpoint

Let’s head for Chavot-Courcourt, a small beautifull village in the Champagne region about ten minutes from Epernay. Add it on your itinerary to go and observe some wonderful viewpoints. Although there are plenty of spots to admire the Champagne valley, the Saint-Martin de Chavot Church remains my must! 

The site is hidden at the top of the village and gives a splendid view of the surroundings, enough to spend a peaceful and timeless moment. 

Avize: Parc Vix – A Serene Spot with Elevated Viewpoints around Epernay

Parc Vix - Avize - Champagne region
Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region

As you may already know, I love going to the forest with my family, especially when it is a place with a beautiful view of the region. This is exactly why the Vix Park is ideal. 

Not only does it offer a beautiful panorama of the Côte des Blancs and the Champagne valley, but you can also take a stroll along the water’s edge and enjoy the botanical trail, and have fun with the life-size musical instruments.

The park is set in the high forest of the village, where you can see a giant champagne flute to announce you made it to the right place.

Boursault: A Quiet Escape to One of the Best Viewpoints around Epernay

Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region

During a geocaching session with my daughters, I had the pleasure of discovering a hidden spot in Boursault. Offering a bird’s-eye view of the vineyards and the Marne, this place seems to be suspended out of time. Despite its tranquility and the few visitors, it has ample parking for guests. For those wishing to linger, there’s a covered picnic table available, as well as another table located on the opposite side of the parking lot.

Belvédère de Cramant: Dive into the Heart of Champagne with Expansive Vineyard Views

Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region
©Communauté de Communes d’Epernay Pays de Champagne

Nestled right in the heart of Champagne, the Cramant viewpoint gives you an unmatched view over the vineyards and charming villages. With helpful signs, a map table, and a telescope, it’s the perfect spot for discovery. And if you want to stay a bit longer, there are two picnic tables. It’s the ideal place for a lunch with a view that’s simply out of this world.

Le Jardin des Vignes at Mesnil sur Oger: Celebrate Champagne with a View at One of Epernay’s Prime Viewpoints

Tucked away in the heart of Mesnil-sur-Oger, the Clos St Vincent is a tribute to the village’s winemakers. This garden offers a sensory journey. The stainless steel hands engraved on the ground symbolize the bond between local winemakers and the Krug Champagne House. It’s a place where tradition meets innovation, inviting visitors to explore Champagne grape varieties while celebrating the art of champagne-making.

Although the Champagne region is exceptional both for its historical heritage and for the activities and places to discover, it is also a place full of viewpoints and breathtaking panoramas. 

What about you? What is your favorite viewpoint near Epernay? Share the most beautiful views of the Champagne region with us in comments or directly on our Facebook group Visiter la Champagne where you can find all the good tips to make the most out of your stay in Champagne. 

Come visit Champagne and treat your eyes to the splendid spectacle of nature !

After exploring the most beautiful viewpoints, let’s remember that each panorama brings us back to the unique beauty of Epernay, in the heart of Champagne, France.

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