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We invite you on a journey to discover Hautvillers, a small French village with beautiful views over Epernay and the Champagne valley, and the home of Dom Pérignon, the monk who became famous for his talents in the wine industry.

Welcome to our home. We are Sarah and Romain, in love with the Champagne region, sharing with you our favourite places in and around Epernay and Reims. Today, we’re zooming in on Hautvillers, a small picturesque village located about ten minutes from Épernay and 30 minutes from Reims. Hautvillers is a must-see during your stay in the Champagne region, France.

What should I do in Hautvillers? What are the places and tours not to be missed? We’ll take you on the road with our best suggestions, for an unforgettable time in Champagne, in the heart of this village, between history and heritage.

Hautvillers: Dom Pérignon’s village

Between the hills of the valley stands the small village of Hautvillers, the one nicknamed the cradle of Champagne, in the heart of the prestigious hillsides listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

This small village of winegrowers shines thanks to champagne. It owes its fame much to its rich history and in particular thanks to the famous Dom Pérignon, the spiritual father of champagne. He rests today in the choir of the church of Saint-Sindulphe, a place to put on the programme of your day tour in Hautvillers.

The story goes that Dom Pérignon wanted to create the best wine in the world, and it was in the former Abbey of Saint-Pierre Hautvillers, he discovered the secret of making champagne. If the house that bears his name and the worldwide fame of champagne are anything to go by, his dream has come true.

Wrought iron signs in the village of Hautvillers in Champagne, France
Wrought iron signs in the village of Hautvillers in Champagne, France
Wrought iron signs in the village of Hautvillers in Champagne, France

Guided tours with the Tourist Office, Hautvillers 

Those who prefer to be in the company of experts who are passionate about Hautvillers and its region will gladly make an appointment for one of the guided tours organised by the association Les Amis d’Hautvillers. A sparkling atmosphere for bubble lovers, with a tasting of Champagne from a local winemaker, all in the heart of the village cellars.

And if you want to discover Hautvillers on your own without missing out on the valuable information provided by the guides, a small booklet with the village’s must-sees will help you along your free champagne tour.

Adventurers will be happy to take a tour full of little riddles, discover the village while having fun with family or friends, and, most importantly, solve the main riddle.

Info: on request and reservation, the tours can be commented in English or German.

  • Address: 10 Place de la République, 51160 Hautvillers, France
  • Tel: / info@tourisme-hautvillers.com
  • Further tour information: https://www.tourisme-hautvillers.com/en/
  • Tour Prices: €7 for the visit of the village | €9 for the visit of the village with a tasting of local champagne | €1 for the paper guide of the autonomous visit | €3 to €5 for the enigmatic tour

The must-see view of Hautvillers

What if you could see Hautvillers in all its splendour? It is possible, and from one of the most beautiful spots in the area!

Head for the Royal Champagne Hôtel & Spa 5*, located in the heart of the valley and the Champagne vineyards. It is the perfect place to enjoy a panoramic view of Hautvillers. It is the ideal time to appreciate a gourmet break at the bistronomic or gastronomic restaurant of the premises or to be tempted by a glass of wine at the bar.

We recommend this hotel for an enchanted break with a sumptuous view while enjoying a luxury quality service. We tell you more in our article compiling the best hotels in Épernay.

Walks in Hautvillers: a day between vineyards and forest

Nature lovers will be delighted to go green in the heights of Hautvillers, where there is a superb natural area labelled an Exceptional Forest. For us, this is a place to go, so as not to miss the numerous viewpoints on the region and spend a moment in one of the most beautiful landscapes in our region.

While sports enthusiasts rush to the fitness trail, hikers can tour the various paths on offer, with routes suitable for children.

Our advice: put on your trainers and walk the pic noir trail, which is accessible to all and designed for families. It is a small 2.5 km loop, along which you will come across the animals of the forest, with playful signs to educate the young and old.

We also recommend the monks’ circuit for a short 3.5 km hike, starting in Hautvillers. This route alternates between ascents and descents, during which you can enjoy a superb view of the valley and a crossing of the village, as well as some passages in the heart of the vineyards.

After these tours you deserve to enjoy some tastings, so we suggest you visit the local wine producers, who offer gourmet and sparkling tastings. There are also some restaurants in Hautvillers, but they are rare. Next, we recommend that you go and visit the small vineyards of the area.

We invite you to push open the door of Champagne Marion Bosser in the heart of Hautvillers. Tasting trilogies from 18 euros. Champagne by the glass from 6 euros (and real wine glasses! 10cl please!).

This local family welcomes you every day (yes, even on Sundays) from 10 am to 7 pm in summer (6 pm in winter) with a smile. Visiting with this friendly family is a great opportunity if you want to learn a little more about the history of this house and its champagnes.

  • Tel:
  • Address: 1 rue de la Croix de fer 51160 Hautvillers, France
  • Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Marion Bosser’s shop, Hautvillers

Marion Bosser's terrace, Hautvillers
Winegrower in Hautvillers, France
Marion Bosser’s shop, Hautvillers
Marion Bosser's terrace, Hautvillers
Winegrower in Hautvillers, France
Marion Bosser’s terrace, Hautvillers

Hautvillers is ideal for a half-day visit, but as a lover of Champagne, we invite you to spend a weekend there, during which you can also tour the must-see places in and around Epernay and Reims.

View of the village of Cumières just below the Belvedere of Hautvillers
Photo credit: My Vintage Tour Company

Hautvillers : Practical information

Best way to go to Hautvillers

By car / By taxi / With a touristic guide
  • The only way to go to Hautvillers is by car.
  • If you have booked a tour with a guide like “My vintage tour” or “Ay Champagne Experience”, do not hesitate to ask them if this Champagne village is part of the trip.
  • The taxi is another way to go to Hautvillers with an average price around 20 euros to go there.

I recommend the company A’Gil Taxi. I did call them many times for my guests apartments, and they are always on time and present: + 33 3 26 59 01 44

By bike

An electric bike is more than recommended! Hautvillers is a small village located up to the hill. It is possible to rent one at the Epernay office. It will take you 30 minutes (relatively sporty at the end even with assistance!) to reach Hautvillers from the center of Epernay.


There are no ATMs in Hautvillers. The nearest distributors are in Ay-Champagne or even in Dizy.

Market day

  • Thursday morning in the central square


  • Closed Sunday afternoon and Monday


  • Au 36
  • Café d’Hautvillers

Points de vues

Car Park

  • autvillers is a very small village, and parking spaces are scarce in town. A large secure car park is located at the bottom of the village of Hautvillers: Le Parking du Jard Kiedrich

Our advice: don’t miss any of the sights during your tour through the narrow streets of the village. We suggest that you take time to look up and discover 140 old stone houses and the facades of Hautvillers.

Where to stay in Hautvillers?

Extend the pleasure by spending a night in the heart of Hautvillers and enjoy the charm of the village at nightfall and under the first rays of sunlight on the valley.

Danielle and Eric offer you the flats Au Terminus, Au Terminus 2 and Au Terminus 3, all fully equipped and comfortable, but also ideally located to enjoy our beautiful Champagne region for a weekend.

Spending the night in these Hautvillers apartments is a guarantee of authenticity and comfort. We really recommend these cosy and warm accommodations. As the many positive reviews show, we are not the only ones who appreciate this cocoon in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, and it is also effortless to find. 

our favourite: living right next to the apartments, Danielle and Eric are happy to give you their best local advice and help you discover the area in a unique way. Ask Danielle to tell you her own version of the discovery of Champagne 😉

Au terminus 1

Au terminus 2

Au terminus 3

Because we love to share moments with you, we welcome you to our comfortable apartments located just a stone’s throw from the Avenue de Champagne and the town centre of Epernay, France.

Come and spend your weekend in Epernay, Reims, and Hautvillers in the Champagne region, discovering the best bubbles in the world and the places that make up its rich heritage!

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