Discover Epernay and its region by bike

Welcome to the Champagne region, France, we are Sarah and Romain, résidents in Epernay at heart, and happy hosts of visitors from all over the world at our flats in Epernay. Today, we invite you to cycle with us through Epernay on an (electric) bike ride and discover everything our beautiful Champagne region has to offer! Come with us to discover Épernay by bike!

In addition to sharing warm and friendly moments with you, our main aim is to make your stay as pleasant as possible. That’s why we want to offer you the best recommendations, thought up by two local people who love the Champagne region, for unforgettable and unique visits.

Go for a bike tour around Epernay, this 50 km ride on the cycle route will allow you to discover the surrounding villages while enjoying a dream setting: halfway between the Marne and the Champagne vineyards.

Get off the beaten track and organise your cycling day tours to Epernay now!

Epernay and its surroundings by bike

Discover Epernay and its region by bike
The representation of the work of the vine throughout the year in Cumières
Credit: Jean Pierre PRON

Between listed hillsides, natural sites, picturesque villages and vineyards as far as the eye can see, the Champagne region offers you its most beautiful landscapes. In order to make the most of it, we suggest you slow down for a moment to enjoy a cycling tour, at your own pace, along the water.

In addition to your day trip itinerary, those who want to enjoy the breathtaking view can climb the local mountains, a panoramic view of Epernay and the Marne Valley awaits you, and we promise you that this is the most beautiful of rewards after a days cycle.  

For cycling enthusiasts, here are our top bike route picks for a ride around Epernay in Champagne.

Electric bike rentals

Exploring Epernay by bike is a unique experience and to make it easier for you, I’m going to share with you three of my favorite bike rental services in Epernay and its surroundings to help you visit the must-see spots in town.

  • Epernay Tourism Office: Located right in the town, it’s a convenient choice to kickstart your biking adventure.
  • Altabike in Hautvillers: Another great option, especially if you’re planning a ride around this charming town.
  • Easyride_51 in Ay-Champagne: A newcomer to the field, set to open in August 2023, so keep an eye out for this one.

These rental services likely offer delivery, although that could incur additional costs. To ensure you secure a bike, especially during the high season, I recommend booking well in advance.

For €35 you can spend a whole day cycling around and discover the best parts of the world-famous champagne region and make some great memories.

Cycling through the Champagne region – Itinerary

Epernay - Champagne - Pretty village around Epernay - Mareuil sur Ay
Along the canal on the greenway in Ay-Champagne 
Discover Epernay and its region by bike
Bike rental Epernay and around

This circuit is achievable in all seasons, cycling under a sunny blue sky or under the beautiful warm colours of autumn, is always a pleasure. We love this greenway that winds through the Champagne vineyards along the Marne and its small side canal.

You begin this itinerary from our flats, but it is also possible to leave directly from the greenway, it is located just 3 km from our gîtes.

You will take the greenway at the commune of Dizy, from where you will reach Damery for a stopover.

Once you arrive in Damery, it is essential to stop there and discover the town, and take advantage of this moment to meet a winegrower and enjoy a tasting. Our favourite is Maurice Choppin, but we will tell you more about him later.

After this beautiful visit, you will go back to Cramant, to reach the charming village of Hautvillers.

As the adage says, never two without three, it would be a shame to miss Ay, a small village in the Champagne region. We suggest you take a lunch break in the heart of this small village.

To finish this day in beauty, you simply continue on the greenway to Bisseuil where you will make the last stop for a champagne tasting at the village bar.

It is time to join us in Epernay to tell us about your wonderful day which is coming to an end.

Meeting with Exceptional Winemakers of Damery

To whet your appetite, we present you with the must-see places on your route that you will come across during your ride to visit Epernay by bike, not to be missed under any circumstances!

Visit Damery in Champagne region
champagne region by bike
Le Jardin d’Isabelle

An ancient Gallo-Roman village, Damery is a small charming village nestled on the banks of the Marne. Special mention should be made of the avenue of plane trees that form a courtyard of honour on the road. Take the time to pass by and enjoy this almost magical moment.

Champagne Blaise-Lourdez & Le Jardin D’isabelle

Damery is full of wine estates, but today, I’d like to guide you straight to Isabelle’s place. Here you’ll discover “Le Jardin d’Isabelle” (Isabelle’s Garden), a captivating location where Isabelle’s infectious energy will warmly welcome you.

Perfect for a champagne tasting, this picturesque garden is only open in summer, from Thursday to Sunday, from around 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Le Jardin d'Isabelle in Damery in Champagne region
Go to Damery by bike near Epernay

The prices are remarkably affordable: 5€ per glass and 28€ per bottle to be consumed on site. You can even bring your own picnic and reserve a spot in the garden according to the number of people. The breathtaking view of the green path is truly a sight to behold.

Champagne Prévoteau-Perrier

Open from Monday to Saturday, with or without an appointment, it’s the perfect place to accommodate large groups, with the option to park buses and vans in the garden at the back upon prior request. The welcome is exceedingly warm, and a beautiful terrace is at your disposal to enjoy the sunny days.

Prevoteau perrier by bike
Epernay by bike in champagne region

Charm and heritage in Hautvillers

Not only is it a picturesque little village that you are about to set foot in, but it is above all the cradle of champagne. With its ideal location, cradled by the hills on which the grandiose Champagne hillsides rise, Hautvillers is a true corner of paradise.

Hautvillers village near Epernay in the Marne. Electric bike ride

Cycling through its charming streets on your electric bike, before entering the heart of the famous Saint-Pierre abbey.

If you wish to discover secret panoramas, captivating walks, fascinating anecdotes, as well as practical information about the village and how to get there, I strongly encourage you to consult my article dedicated to Hautvillers. You will also find a list of my favorite winemakers in the village who, with their smiles and their passion for wine, make each visit memorable.

👉I Discover Hautvillers now

Gastronomic break in Ay

Electric bike ride near Epernay in the village of Ay-Champagne

Your lunch break is well deserved after cycling those few kilometres, and Ay will be the ideal place to eat. The Rôtisserie Henry IV, restaurant and wine & champagne cellar, offers a menu of dishes based on fresh and seasonal products as well as a drinks menu full of local treasures.

Another gem of Aÿ not to be missed is the Champagne Pierre Leboeuf. Here, it’s Hélène who warmly greets all her visitors.

With her radiant smile and contagious enthusiasm, she shares her passion for her craft. Every word, every gesture reveals her love for the winemaking profession, and she delights in sharing her expertise and dedication to creating exceptional champagne. My tenants are often directed to her, and it turns out to be their favorite visit often.

Epernay for a weekend in champagne region - visit ay champagne a must-see village
Rent a bike in champagne region

If you want to learn more about this unique vineyard and its exceptional champagne, I invite you to read this detailed article about Aÿ Champagne.

Aperitif in Bisseuil

The small village is just a stone’s throw from the greenway, which allows you to easily ride to it and discover its historic centre, the church and its amazing swing bridge.

But the most pleasant thing will be to share a gourmet moment, join a bar in the village and enjoy tasting some champagne before taking on the road again.

It’s already time to head back to Épernay, but if you want to finish the day in a bubble of pleasure, take a seat in one of the best restaurants in the area, they’re our favourites, admittedly we are both gastronomy lovers.  

For those who are in a hurry, we suggest a slightly shorter cycle itinerary, ride from Ay-Champagne to Hautvillers, with only 25 km, it will also start from the greenway, but the loop will be in the other direction.

Find out our best tips for visiting Epernay and its famous region, we look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Hi Sarah and Romain,

    We (me, my sister and our mother) are interested in a nice activity to see more of Epernay this weekend. We were thinking of a bike tour do some wine tastings.

    Can you recommend a bike tour and tell us a bit more? Are there 3 bikes available this Saturday (23 July)?

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    • Hello Kim !
      Very happy to read that you are coming around.
      Unfortunately, I only rent my bikes to the guests of my apartments.

      I am not insured for other people.
      I advise you to go through
      They are right next to the tourist office in the center of Epernay

      For the bike tour I higly recommend you to go on the greenway along the Manre canal which is the best by bike : no car only bike and pedetriands !
      Of Course you must go to Hautvillers (with the eletric bikes it is great !!! it is up th hill)

      If you plan to go to Damery I did just met a fantastic place name “Le jardin D’Isabelle” along the greenway.
      Glass of Champagne for 5euros, amazing place and fantastic host !

      Have fun !

  2. Wonderful customer service! I originally reached out to Sarah & Romain to inquire about champagne tours via e-bikes as I saw them available on their website. Sarah very quickly responded to me and kindly advised that their e-bikes are for their guests, and provided recommendations for other companies that do rent e-bikes in Epernay, along with links to her articles ( and to help us formulate our plans for our day trip. I was blown away at how helpful she was, even though we were not ordering any service through their company. Due to this experience, when we return to Epernay, I will absolutely reach out to B&B Epernay for any housing needs we have. Very impressed.

    • Thank you very much Shannon for this nice comment !
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    We would like to rent 3x E-Bikes, on Saturday, 07-October-2023, at 10AM.
    The rent is for 3 hours.
    We will be staying at Hotel Jean Moet in Epernay.
    Is there a need to order in advance?
    Do you recommend to start from our hotel in order to enjoy the area? Or maybe from another location?

    Dan Cohen

  4. Hi, we are planning a trip to Epernay in mid October 2024, and i see on the bike hire site they are closed from October 1st. Is this correct? If so, is there another place to hire bikes from to do your fabulous itinerary to see the champagne houses in and around Epernay?


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