The best restaurants in Epernay, our good addresses to eat in the capital of Champagne

You either have a sweet tooth or you don’t… but we do! And that’s good news, because our Champagne region is full of good French restaurants where you can eat divinely, from Michelin star restaurants to bar food. So, we wanted to offer you a little gastronomic guided tour of the best restaurants in and around Epernay, Champagne. Well, the best dining experiences recommended by us anyway!

If you have decided to visit Epernay in the Champagne region, France (a very good idea), here are our tips on finding good places to eat in and around Epernay in the order of our preferences, restaurants that we like and that we recommend.

Map of Epernay Restaurant
Best restaurant in Epernay
Champagne region

Why Not

Restaurant in Epernay

This is for us one of the best restaurants in Epernay. Why Not is located in the city centre and offers high quality French gastronomic cuisine. With menus at around 38 euros for the lunch during the week and a wide choice of wines, Why Not is great value if you want to treat yourself to some of the best food and wine during your stay in the capital of Champagne. This restaurant offers splendid food and excellent service!

Tip: As this restaurant in Epernay is very popular and often fully booked, it is highly recommended to make your table reservation as early as possible, especially during peak periods.

Restaurant in Épernay: Why Not

Rotisserie Henry 4

Restaurant in Ay-Champagne

The small village of Ay-Champagne, located 5 minutes from Epernay by car, is one of the must-see dining experiences during a weekend in Champagne. So don’t miss out on a meal at the Rotisserie Henry 4 restaurant. An address not to be missed, which combines generous cuisine, an excellent wine list and quality service. The plus: a magnificent interior with a large veranda and an absolutely brilliant terrace to enjoy the fine French weather!

  • Address: 46 boulevard Charles de Gaulle, Ay-Champagne, France
  • Tel: 03 26 54 77 40


Restaurant in Ay-Champagne

Another very good address in the village of Ay-Champagne, Avarum is a very nice restaurant which offers refined cuisine that combines modernity and tradition. The restaurant also offers aperitif formulas based on planks for more conviviality. And to go even further, not just a restaurant, Avarum is also a grocery shop with great local food products to discover!

  • Address: 18 rue Roger Sondag, Ay-Champagne, France
  • Tel : 03 26 56 87 91
  • Website :
Restaurant in Ay-Champagne: Avarum

Sacré Bistro

Restaurant in Epernay

Back to the city centre of Epernay to present you the Sacré Bistrot, THE place to go if you want to enjoy a good gourmet burger! The restaurant offers a modern and trendy but accessible cuisine, a menu focused on typical bar or bistro food and a fine French wine list.

  • Address: 2-4 Place Auban-Moët, Epernay, France
  • Tel: 09 52 78 27 37
  • Website:

La Pomme d’or

Restaurant in Epernay

Here is a well known institution in Epernay, the restaurant La Pomme d’Or welcomes you in an “English Pub” atmosphere with large bay windows which look directly on the epernay “captive” balloon. You can eat French-style brasserie cuisine, parmentier, burger, tartar etc, all on the menu.

  • Address: 12 rue Eugène Mercier, Epernay, France
  • Tel: 03 26 55 22 73

Au petit fourneau

Restaurant in Epernay

In an old-fashioned decoration that does not look like much, the restaurant Au petit fourneau offers simple cuisine with excellent value for money. With menus starting at 15 euros, the restaurant specialises in “Patates garnies”, beautiful potatoes cooked in the oven and decorated in various ways. On sunny days you can enjoy your food on the small sunny terrace.

  • Address: 31 rue de l’Hôpital Auban-Moët, Epernay, France
  • Tel: 03 26 32 44 74
  • Website:

La Banque

Restaurant in Epernay

Go to the former Banque de France buildings for this brasserie which offers generous dishes of French gastronomy. The setting is truly exceptional and worth the diversions to spend a beautiful gastronomic evening in a place full of history!

Best restaurants in 
Epernay the Capital of Champagne

La table du 18

Restaurant at Tours-sur-Marne

If you’re looking for a restaurant just a few minutes from Epernay that wilL provide an unforgettable culinary experience, be sure to check out “La Table du 18“. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this restaurant and go there regularly.

The staff always welcomes you with a smile and goes out of their way to make sure you have a wonderful time. The dishes are flavourful and generous, featuring quality fresh ingredients that showcase French cuisine in all its best. The setting is also very pleasant, with an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

One of the things I love most about La Table du 18 is that the menu changes regularly. This means you can go back frequently 😉

At the helm of the kitchen is Chef César, who skillfully orchestrates each dish. He offers quality traditional French cuisine, with delicious dishes that highlight local and seasonal products. The kitchen is completely open, allowing you to see him at work and whetting your appetite with the delicious aroma of the dishes coming out of his kitchen.

Tip: be aware that La Table du 18 is in high demand, so it’s essential to book your table in advance to guarantee a spot.

  • Address: 5 place Auguste Chauvet, Tours-sur-Marne
  • Tel: 03 26 52 06 18
  • Website:
Best restaurants in Epernay - Champagne region - where to eat well in epernay
Best restaurants in Epernay - Champagne region - where to eat well in epernay
Best restaurants in Epernay - Champagne region - where to eat well in epernay
Best restaurants in Epernay - Champagne region - where to eat well in epernay

Le Kitsh Café

Café in Epernay

If you are looking for a good place to have a tea or a cake in the afternoon, go to the Kistch Café in the centre of Epernay. A really nice address with a cosy atmosphere, a nice terrace and excellent pastries. It is possible to eat there at lunchtime, which we tried: they make such appetizing bowls! And the cupcakes are great!

  • Address: 4 rue Saint-Rémy, Epernay, France
  • Tel: 03 26 54 96 58
  • Website:

Maison Dallet

Tea room in Epernay and Reims

We continue with the little gourmet breaks and the Maison Dallet, a historic address in Epernay and Reims. We come here for the chocolates and pastries, but also in summer to taste perhaps the best artisanal ice creams in the region!

Tea room in Épernay and Reims: Maison Dallet

As you may have noticed, people don’t come to our region only to taste Champagne! We hope that you will find in this guide of the best restaurants in Epernay, addresses that will please your taste buds during your stay in the Champagne region! These are our local tips, but there really are restaurants, bars and cafes to suit all tastes and budgets. There is a great gastronomic offer in our region and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

Come visit us and take advantage of our advice on tours and tastings to discover the best of the Champagne region!

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