Why Harvest is the Best Time to Visit the Champagne Region ?

Experience the Magic of Harvest Season in Champagne

Discovering the best time to visit Champagne region may lead you to various answers. However, as a local of Epernay and a regional expert, I’m here to share a unique perspective.

While some might suggest avoiding Champagne during the harvest season, I strongly advocate for experiencing it. Living in the heart of Champagne, I have firsthand knowledge of why this vibrant period is perhaps the most magical and enriching time to visit.

Let me guide you through why the harvest season is not just a good time, but arguably the best time to immerse yourself in all that Champagne has to offer.

Discover the unmatched charm of the Champagne Region during harvest

When does harvest happen? Catching the perfect moment

Harvest time in Champagne isn’t set by the calendar—it follows nature’s cue, usually about 100 days after the vines flower. Nowadays, with climate change, this period tends to start a bit earlier, around late August to early September.

It’s a time when the whole terroir buzzes with the year’s most crucial activity. Imagine the vineyards bustling with life, as the winegrowers and their teams gather what they’ve tenderly nurtured all year.

Step inside the gates of local winegrowers

During this lively season, many winegrowers open their gates, welcoming you to partake in the harvest’s hustle and bustle. Although safety regulations mean access is somewhat limited, you’ll still feel the vibrant pulse of the vineyards.

Remember to book your visit in advance and call to confirm availability, ensuring you don’t miss out on this unique experience.

Be a Harvester for a Day

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a harvest? In Champagne, you can experience this first-hand. It’s not about hard labor; it’s about sharing unforgettable moments. Armed with shears and safety guidelines, you’ll learn how our grapes are carefully picked by hand.

And there’s more—a hearty meal of pâté en croûte, sausages, bread, and cheese awaits, making for a delightful break among the vines. This day offers a unique insight into the Champagne life that goes beyond any typical tourist experience.

Harvest is the best time to visit champagne region

Weather in the Champagne Valley during Harvest

There’s something truly magical about visiting the Champagne region during the harvest season. As the summer fades into a warm, balmy autumn, the days are just perfect for vineyard explorations under the golden hues of early fall.

Mornings start crisp and fresh, with temperatures hovering around 10 degrees Celsius, but as the sun climbs higher, the air warms up to a delightful 25 degrees by afternoon. It’s this kind of weather that beckons you outdoors, to wander through rows of vines and perhaps find yourself sipping a glass of champagne on a quaint terrace as the day winds down.

The evenings are my favorite part—there’s nothing quite like the soft warmth of an autumn sunset in Champagne, with the sky painted in strokes of orange and pink over the vineyards. It’s the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with laughter, good company, and, of course, excellent champagne.

This idyllic weather not only makes the harvest season the best time to visit the Champagne region, but it also sets the stage for those unforgettable moments that travel memories are made of.

Peak season in the Champagne Region

From May to September, Champagne truly comes alive, showcasing its vibrant culture and lush vineyards. This period encapsulates the region’s most dynamic days, filled with wine tastings and an atmosphere buzzing with excitement.

However, it’s crucial for travelers to note the unique local custom during August: despite being high season, many businesses, including those run by winegrowers, souvenir shops, and restaurants, often close for summer holidays. This surprising quiet spell amidst the seasonal rush means planning ahead is essential if visiting in August.

The build-up to the harvest also marks a special time, increasingly favored by visitors who are drawn to the activity in the vineyards. The unpredictable start of the harvest adds a thrilling unpredictability to travel plans. For those flexible enough, this can mean experiencing the harvest firsthand, an opportunity to witness the region at its most industrious and enchanting.

Champagne region best time to visit champagne region

Accommodation options in the Champagne Region

Epernay, with its intimate connection to the heart of Champagne’s winemaking, holds a distinctive advantage over the larger city of Reims, especially for those who cherish authenticity. Surrounded by wine-growing villages, Epernay stands at the epicenter of harvest activities. Choosing to stay here places you right in the middle of the action—close to both the bustling harvest and the serene evenings in a quaint village setting.

For your accommodation, consider my charming apartments in Epernay. Perfect for groups, they range from 2 to 6 guests with options to accommodate up to 18 people collectively. Some units even boast terraces with perfect views for enjoying the sunset, enhancing your experience of the local lifestyle.

Terrasse 86 apartment with outside terrase in Epernay

Luxury hotels

For those seeking a touch of luxury, the Champagne region does not disappoint. Below are some of the most exquisite places you might consider:

Best hotels epernay and Reims in champagne Region - Chateau de Sacy

The most affordable times to visit the Champagne Region

While the peak of harvest season in Champagne isn’t the most affordable time to visit, the end of the harvest and the early autumn present excellent opportunities for budget-conscious travelers. As the intense activity of the harvest winds down, accommodation prices and tourist traffic begin to decrease, offering a more relaxed atmosphere at a better value.

During this time, the weather remains pleasant, and the region continues to glow with the charm of the season, making it an ideal time for those looking to explore the Champagne region without the peak season prices.

Stay guide for Champagne region - vineyards in autumn - Epernay - Reims

Best months to visit the Champagne Region

Choosing the best time to visit the Champagne region can greatly enhance your experience. Here’s a detailed guide to help you plan your trip based on the typical weather and activities throughout the year:

Best Months to visit Champagne Region

April, May, June, September, and October stand out as ideal times to visit. The weather in these months is generally pleasant, and the region is vibrant with events and vineyard activities. Spring (April through June) offers beautiful blossoms and milder temperatures, while September is rich with the harvest. October is not a harvest month but is visually stunning with the autumn colors.

Average Months to visit Champagne Region

March, July, and August are average months to visit. March can vary greatly; some years it’s rainy and cold, while other years it can be surprisingly beautiful. July and August, while warm and sunny, tend to be crowded and coincide with local vacations, which might mean that some shops and wineries are closed.

Less Ideal Months to visit Champagne Region

January and February are, in my opinion, not the best time to visit Champagne Region. The cold winter months can be quite harsh, limiting outdoor activities. Additionally, several champagne houses and some independent winegrowers close during this period, which could affect your visit plans.

The best time to travel in the Champagne region is undoubtedly during the harvest season in September (and/or late August). This unique period offers a vibrant glimpse into the heart of winemaking. With ideal weather and the region bustling with activity, it’s a perfect time to experience the mos important moment in Champagne Region.

I hope this guide has convinced you of the magic that awaits during the harvest. If you have any questions or need further insights, please don’t hesitate to visit our forum and ask away. We’re here to help make your visit as memorable as possible!

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