Habits de Lumière, for a weekend in Epernay

We are Sarah and Romain, two people from Epernay who love the Champagne region in France and are passionate about everything that makes up its heritage. We love to travel, and even more, to help you enjoy your visit to our beautiful Champagne region, through its vineyards, authentic cities, and of course to the Habits de Lumière.

That is why, in 2017, we started our adventure by opening our apartments in Epernay, and for us, the most beautiful way to continue this story along with our guests. Hosting you, learning about you and listening to your stories has become one of our favourite ways of escaping.

Of course, we want you to have a perfect stay. To do this, in addition to providing you with our comfortable flats, we are committed to sharing our top suggestions of places to visit, our best local suggestions.

And today, we’re going to tell you about one of the must-see events in Epernay, both unique and magical, the event that will make you want to come for a weekend in Epernay: the Habits de Lumière.

For the past 20 years, the people of  Epernay have ended the year in style, celebrating life, the town and its heritage during three days of the Habits de Lumière. During the festival, there is a succession of events, wine tastings and other celebrations.

To the delight of participants, the festivities take place in December on the Avenue de Champagne, the famous avenue of Champagne, renowned for the Champagne Houses and their pits that have taken up residence there.

The illuminated nights of the Habits de Lumière Festival

The Moët et Chandon orangery during the "Habits de Lumière" in Epernay.
Credit : G.Garitan

On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Avenue de Champagne is decked out in its finest clothes and invites you to celebrate with family, friends, but above all with locals who also adore Epernay and its prestigious houses.

In 2000, the idea of the “Habits de Lumière” event was born in the heart of Epernay, with the primary objective of highlighting the Champagne heritage in a festive and lively spirit.

Les Habits de Lumière is Champagne with music and street shows, fireworks, illuminations, and decorations.

The festive atmosphere of the Habits de Lumière

During the "Habits de Lumière" in Epernay, the Champagne houses open their terraces for tastings with music.
Credit: G.Garitan

Because Epernay is the Capital of Champagne, and you are on the Avenue de Champagne, this will be the ideal occasion to taste the bubbles of the best Champagne Houses under the starry sky of this beautiful French city.

For the occasion, they welcome you in their courtyards to spend two sparkling and colourful December nights adorned with their most beautiful lights that illuminate all the façades of the avenue and with champagne bars at your disposal.

Of course, your bubbles will mingle with the various dishes prepared by the food trucks and other small restaurants present for the festival.

Throughout these evenings, there is lots of entertainment to keep you amused. You can count on the musical atmosphere on the programme to keep you dancing until the end of the night.

Les Habits de Saveurs and its gourmet events

Saturday will focus on the culinary side of things, with demonstrations followed by tastings of dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, in association with the champagne experts of the Avenue de Champagne Houses.

Thanks to the Concours des p’tits pâtissiers (little bakers), reserved for young cooking enthusiasts aged between 8 and 12, this will be an opportunity to share a fun activity with the youngest festival-goers.

Adults will enjoy workshops and tastings highlighting food and wine pairing alongside Champagne cuisine professionals and local products.

The Sunday parade, Habits de Lumière

Car enthusiasts and the curious will be delighted with the programme on Sunday, with no less than 400 old and vintage vehicles parading through the streets of Épernay under the joyful melodies of a brass band.

Old vintage cars, firemen’s vehicles and iconic models from the 80s and 90s are put on a show throughout the town of Epernay. Visitors can’t get enough of the Sunday parade. 

For your pleasure, before taking the route of the car parade, the vehicles will be exhibited all morning, alongside their passionate owners, who will be happy to take a moment to show you their little period jewel.

For more information, follow the “Habits de Lumière” news or contact the Epernay Tourist Office at +

The bloggers’ opinion

Champagne Perrier Jouet during the Habits de Lumière in Epernay, France.
Credit: Matt Kern
Bar Moët et Chandon for the Habits de lumière in Epernay, France.
Credit: Matt Kern

We love this event, and we’d like to see more celebrations like this in Epernay because every year it’s the same, we have a great time, but it always leaves us wanting more. 

We really like this time of the year, when everyone can enjoy gourmet events while feasting in the heart of the Champagne heritage.

Having done it with small children and a pushchair, we can tell you that it is not ideal. Between the crowd and the noise level, your little cherubs might not appreciate it as much as you do.

The best thing to do is to spend a few hours during the day with the little ones, especially on Saturdays, before leaving them to go and party.

In any case, the Habits de Lumière is a big hit for us. It is always an opportunity to share moments of life, to the rhythm of the songs that animate the streets and the amazing light shows.

The next edition of the Habits de Lumière will take place on Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December 2021. We will give you a taste of what to expect at the festival with this little retrospective of the Habits de Lumière 2021.

As the event is highly anticipated, we advise you to book your accommodation in our apartments, located just a few minutes from the Avenue de Champagne, Epernay.

And if you can’t make it during this period, Epernay still invites you to discover its most beautiful corners, and we give you our best advice for visiting the region.

The Habits de Lumière is a memorable celebration in Epernay. After the festivities, extend the magic by visiting some of my favorite places to have a drink in the town.

We are waiting for you to create your best memories!

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