Best Champagne Tour from Paris – Wine Tastings, Day Trip, Reims, Layover & More

Paris to Champagne: A Journey Through the World’s Best Bubbly Tours

A single sip of bubbly might mark a celebration, but embarking on the best champagne tour from Paris is a symphony of moments that will resonate with you forever. Imagine departing from the bustling streets of Paris and, within hours, being swept into the serene heart of Reims and Epernay—where the essence of luxury is bottled. As your guide on this best champagne tour from Paris, I’ll take you through a handpicked selection of France’s most illustrious champagne houses. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a curated journey where I’ll share with you all the insider tips for savoring this opulent experience as if you were tasting a rare vintage—every detail and every bubble telling its own story.

You’re in Paris, pondering your next adventure, wondering where to go for an authentic champagne day trip. Let me assure you, there’s no need to look any further. I highly recommend setting off on a day trip to the Champagne region from Paris. It’s a decision that promises not just a taste, but a full immersion into the world of fine sparkling wines. Trust me, it’s an excursion that will leave your palate enlightened and your heart full

How to Book a Paris Champagne Tour: A Step-by-Step Guide

Finding the perfect champagne tour from Paris is an art in itself. As your personal guide through the effervescent world of Champagne, I’m here to share the nuances of securing the best experience. Quality, value, and reliability are the hallmarks of a great tour operator, and these should be your compass as you navigate the options available.

When selecting a champagne tour from Paris, it’s important to consider factors such as group size, duration of the tour, and availability. Depending on your preference and budget, there are different types of tours available including group tours, private tours, and VIP experiences.

Are you planning a last-minute Champagne Tour?

Make sure to book your accommodation and champagne tours in advance to ensure you don’t miss out!

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  4. Epernay (World Capital Of Champagne) – Private Trip
  5. Private Champagne Day Trip to Vineyards of Reims with French Lunch from Paris
  6. Champagne Day Trip with 6 tastings, Reims Cathedral & Family Winery from Paris

Top recommendations for accommodation in Paris 🛌

  1. Le Village Montmartre by Hiphophostels (Close to Gare de l’Est)
  2. Hotel Les Bulles De Paris  (mid)
  3. Shangri-La Hotel Paris (Luxury)

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Consult Reviews on Booking Platforms

To ensure you’re making a well-informed decision, I recommend checking out the reviews on the actual booking platforms. Whether it’s Viator or GetYourGuide, these sites not only offer a plethora of tour options but also feature real-time reviews from travelers who have experienced the tours firsthand. This direct feedback is a goldmine of information and can significantly influence your choice, ensuring you select a tour that meets your expectations.

Best way to go from Paris to champagne region for a day trip

Pricing and Promotions: Value for Your Experience

As you delve into the possibilities, weigh the pricing options against the offerings. Early booking can often secure you a better rate, and don’t overlook seasonal promotions which can add even more value to your day trip to Champagne from Paris.

The Assurance of Easy Cancellation

In the unpredictable world of travel, flexibility is your best friend. That’s why I place such importance on booking with operators that offer free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. This little detail can save you from any unforeseen circumstances that might otherwise disrupt your plans.

Day trip to Champagne from PAris

Engage with Your Tour Provider for a Tailored Experience

Once you’ve booked your champagne tour, I always advise reaching out to your chosen agency. A simple message expressing your excitement and anticipation for the tour can go a long way. It’s also the perfect opportunity to inquire if there are any preparatory details you should be aware of.

For those opting for a private tour, this communication channel is invaluable. It’s your chance to make special requests or highlight preferences. Are you a couple seeking the best champagne tour designed for romance? A group planning a vibrant hen party and looking for the best tour for such an occasion? Perhaps you’re indulging in a luxury experience or organizing a sophisticated ladies’ trip. Whatever your scenario, don’t hesitate to ask: What is the best champagne tour for a couple, for a hen party, for a luxury experience, or for a ladies’ trip? These inquiries will help tailor your experience to your exact desires.

As someone who understands the nuances of dietary needs, I can’t stress enough the importance of mentioning if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have any specific food allergies. In France, where such diets are less common, giving your tour operator a heads-up ensures they can accommodate your needs with the restaurant in advance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

Remember, the more your tour provider knows about your expectations and needs, the better they can ensure your best champagne tour from Paris is nothing short of spectacular.

Selecting the Best Champagne Tour from Paris: My Top Picks

When it comes to selecting a champagne tour from Paris, I’ve curated a list of three exceptional options that cater to different preferences but all promise an unforgettable experience.

Premier Champagne Experience: The Ultimate Connoisseur’s Day Trip

For the discerning traveler looking for the crème de la crème, the top recommendation is a comprehensive tour that offers not just tastings but a deep dive into the world of Champagne. This tour stands out with its:

  • Private minivan transport with a wine-expert driver, ensuring a comfortable and educational journey.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off, adding an extra layer of convenience to your day.
  • Visits to at least two Champagne Houses, where the secrets of champagne-making are unveiled.
  • A total of 8 Champagne tastings, paired with exquisite food to enhance the flavors.
  • A Champagne and food pairing lunch, marrying the culinary delights with the perfect bubbly.
  • An authentic masterclass led by your expert wine guide, making it a learning experience as much as a tasting one.

Visit Champagne house Boizel Epernay Avenue de Champagne

The Comfortable Rail Journey: Reims Champagne Tour by Train

For those who enjoy the romance of train travel, the second tour offers a scenic and comfortable train ride from Paris to Reims. This option includes:

  • Round-trip train tickets from Paris, allowing you to relax and enjoy the French countryside.
  • Visits to two renowned champagne houses in Reims, diving into the effervescence of the region’s best.
  • A French lunch to savor the local cuisine, complemented by the delicate bubbles of champagne.
  • A tour of the historic city of Reims, including the majestic Reims Cathedral.

The Value-Focused Adventure: Small Group Champagne Tasting Day Trip

For those who seek a balance between quality and value, the third option is a small group tour that offers:

  • An excellent price-quality ratio, starting from 220 euros.
  • A personalized welcome and guided tour of a family-run cellar, offering a glimpse into the intimate process of champagne production.
  • A visit to the charming Nicolas Feuillatte house for an intimate tasting experience.
  • Flexibility with lunch – while not included, you have the option to bring your own or stop at a local bakery or snack shop.
  • Visits to the iconic Reims Cathedral and the Abbey of Hautvillers, resting place of Dom Pérignon, the legendary monk often credited with inventing Champagne.

Each of these tours has been selected for their unique offerings, ensuring that whether you’re looking for luxury, comfort, or value, your day trip to the Champagne region will be as sparkling as the wines you’ll taste.

The Benefits of Booking a Champagne Tour: Why It’s Worth It

Embarking on a champagne tour from Paris is an experience that promises not only the finest bubbly but also the ease of communication and learning. One of the highlights of these tours is the assurance that language will not be a barrier. The drivers are not only skilled at navigating the scenic routes of Champagne but are also fluent in English, providing the perfect opportunity for you to ask all the questions you’ve been curious about.

Imagine spending an entire day being chauffeured through the rolling vineyards, sipping on exquisite champagnes without a care in the world. It’s an exceptional service that turns a simple tasting into a luxurious day out. With no need to designate a driver among your group, everyone can indulge in the tastings to their heart’s content.

day trip prom paris to champagne region

Moreover, these drivers bring with them a wealth of knowledge not just about champagne, but about the region’s history and French culture at large. Their insights enrich the journey, turning the drive between destinations into an ongoing conversation and learning experience.

But the experience doesn’t stop at taste and conversation. Your knowledgeable driver will also know all the best spots and viewpoints for that perfect photo opportunity. They’ll take you to breathtaking locations that are not just a feast for the senses but also a treasure trove for any social media enthusiast. With their guidance, you’ll be able to capture the essence of Champagne – the landscapes, the cellars, the glasses brimming with golden effervescence – in photos that you’ll cherish long after the tour has ended.

Traveling to Champagne: The Best Routes from Paris

Discovering the Champagne region from Paris is an adventure in itself. Whether you prefer the speed of the train or the flexibility of a car, each option offers its own charm.

By Train to Champagne : Quick and Easy Day Trips to Champagne

Taking the train is a convenient and quick way to start your day trip to Champagne from Paris.

  • Paris Gare de l’Est to Reims: Just a 45-minute journey with tickets ranging from €40 to €75.
  • Paris to Epernay: Expect a 1h20 trip, with fares between €25 and €45.

Pro Tip: Early morning trains are often cheaper, perfect for arriving in Champagne and enjoying a French breakfast. Remember, the right stop in Reims is “Reims-ville” station, not “Champagne-Ardenne TGV,” which is a bit further out. From Reims station to the cathedral, it’s a mere 10-minute walk.

day trip to champagne region by train

Driving to Champagne: Flexible and Cost-Effective

For groups, driving could be the most economical choice for a wine day trip.

  • Journey Time: It takes between 1h30 and 2h30 from Paris, depending on traffic conditions. Once on the A4 highway, the drive is usually smooth.

Champagne Tours: Stress-Free and Scenic

For a hassle-free experience, a guided tour might be your best bet for the best champagne tour from Paris.

  • Pickup: Some tours offer hotel pickup, while others have a set meeting point.
  • Duration: A typical round trip lasts about 12 hours.

With everything planned out for you, everyone can enjoy a glass of champagne without worrying about driving. Plus, it’s a great way to gain insights from an expert guide.

The Ideal Time to Visit the Champagne Region: Insider Tips

Selecting the perfect moment for your best champagne tour from Paris can shape an unforgettable journey. Let me share with you the seasonal nuances that could make your day trip to Champagne from Paris truly special.

Winter Wonders and Considerations

While winter in Champagne doesn’t see the lower prices typical of off-season travel, it does offer quieter tours and slightly cheaper hotel rates. Note that some prestigious houses, such as Moët & Chandon, close for a period after the holidays, not reopening until March. Personally, winter isn’t my season of choice for exploring Champagne.

champagne region from paris for a day trip

Spring Awakening and Summer Cool

Spring breathes new life into the vineyards, offering a beautiful backdrop for your wine day trip. Come summer, the cellars provide a cool sanctuary from the heat, perfect for leisurely tastings.

Most beautiful Viewpoints around Epernay in Champagne region

Autumn’s Tapestry and the Harvest Buzz

Autumn unveils a vibrant tapestry in the vineyards, with the harvest season being a particularly exciting time to visit. It’s a common misconception that this isn’t a good time to come; on the contrary, it’s when the region truly comes alive. The chance to sip freshly pressed grape juice straight from the press is an experience not to be missed. Despite the unpredictable climate, the grand champagne houses remain unaffected, with visitor experiences and harvest activities often occurring in different areas.

Remember, the best time to visit the Champagne region depends on what you’re looking for: the tranquil beauty of winter, the rebirth of spring, the cool retreats of summer, or the bustling harvest of autumn.

Champagne region autumn

Dressing for the Occasion: What to Wear on a Champagne Tour

When you’re planning for the best champagne tour from Paris, it’s essential to dress for comfort without sacrificing personal style. Here’s how to strike the perfect balance for your champagne adventure.

While the grand champagne houses like Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot boast well-maintained cellars, they often feature numerous stairs. So, for safety and comfort, it’s wise to avoid high heels. Flat, sturdy shoes will ensure you navigate the cellars and vineyard terrain with ease, especially if your tour includes stops at independent winemaker where the grounds may be more characterful.

If your champagne tour takes you through the charming village of Hautvillers or to the resting place of Dom Pérignon, you’ll appreciate the rural beauty all the more in appropriate footwear. The vineyard paths, even when well-tended, are better suited to flats shoes.

Champagne Prévoteau-Perrier - close to Epernay and châtillon-sur-marne

Beyond footwear, choose attire that reflects your personal taste and considers the day’s activities. Whether that’s a stylish ensemble or relaxed casual wear, remember that a day trip to Champagne from Paris involves travel time, so comfort should be your guide.

The cellars maintain a constant cool temperature around 11 degrees Celsius with high humidity, a stark contrast to the weather above. An extra layer, like a sweater or jacket, is advisable to stay comfortable during tastings and tours.

Exploring Champagne: Must-Visit Spots Beyond the Bubbles

When planning your best champagne tour from Paris, the choice between visiting Reims or Epernay is pivotal. Each city offers a unique journey into the heart of champagne-making, housing some of the most renowned champagne houses in the world.

While the effervescent allure of champagne is the main draw for many visitors, the region itself is dotted with charming villages and breathtaking landscapes that are steeped in history and culture. Here are some must-visit spots that offer a taste of the region’s rich heritage and stunning beauty.

Hautvillers: The Cradle of Champagne

Discover the picturesque village of Hautvillers, a floral and winemaking gem perched high above the vineyards. It’s not only the birthplace of champagne, where the legendary Dom Pérignon played a pivotal role in its development, but also a place with stunning vistas that will capture your heart.

Visit Hautvillers in Champagne region for a weekend or a day in champagne for the Best champagne tour from Paris

Epernay: The Avenue of Splendor

Just a short walk from the train station lies Epernay’s Avenue de Champagne, dubbed the richest avenue in the world. Beneath this grand boulevard lies a labyrinth of cellars housing millions of champagne bottles, making it a treasure trove for any sparkling wine enthusiast.

Visit champagne houses in Champagne region - Best champagne tour from Paris Epernay - Moet et chandon

Reims: A City of Royal and Bubbly History

Reims is not only renowned for its grandiose cathedral but also for its prestigious champagne houses. Explore the best champagne cellars in Reims to delve deeper into the effervescent heart of the region.

Read my guide to organize your perfect day in Reims!

Visit Reims in Champagne region Best place to drink Champagne for the Best champagne tour from Paris

Ay-Champagne: A Winemaker’s Village

Just ten minutes from Epernay, the quaint village of Ay-Champagne offers an authentic slice of winemaking life, nestled among the rolling vineyards.

Epernay for a weekend in champagne region - visit ay champagne a must-see village

Châtillon-sur-Marne: A View from Above

As the first village you encounter when arriving from Paris, Chatillon sur Marne offers not only winemaking charm but also spectacular views over the Marne Valley.

The Côte des Blancs: Land of Chardonnay

The Côte des Blancs is a stretch of land revered for its Chardonnay grapes. Here, you can wander through hectares of vineyards that contribute to the region’s world-renowned reputation.

UNESCO World Heritage: Champagne’s Global Recognition

Since 2015, the Champagne region has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a testament to its unparalleled cultural landscape and the enduring legacy of its winemaking traditions.

Accommodations in Paris: Where to Stay for Champagne Lovers

If you’re planning the best champagne tour from Paris, consider staying at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris. Not only is it an ideal starting point for a day trip to Champagne from Paris, but its summer terrace also offers a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, allowing you to toast with Krug’s finest before or after your wine day trip.

Alternatively, Hotel Les Bulles De Paris is a champagne-themed hotel that caters especially to couples seeking a romantic backdrop. Located in the Latin Quarter, it’s a perfect stay for those who want a blend of history and luxury on their best champagne tour for couples.

Both hotels provide an exquisite Parisian experience, ensuring that your day trip to Paris is as memorable as the champagne tours themselves. And if you need the best tips to book a champagne tour from Paris, these hotels might offer concierge services to assist you.

Champagne Region Stays: Best Places to Lodge Amongst the Vines

  • Cottages Antoinette: Enjoy the serene panoramic views of endless vineyards, perfect for those who want to wake up to the beauty of Champagne’s nature.
  • Le Royal Champagne: Indulge in luxury and comfort at this hotel that offers a royal experience amidst the vines.
  • LOISIUM Wine & Spa: A charming getaway that promises a tranquil retreat with a modern twist, nestled in the heart of the region.
  • The Château de Sacy: Experience the grandeur of Champagne by staying in this majestic château surrounded by picturesque vineyards.
  • Terrasse 86 – Epernay: My personal recommendation for an intimate stay with a stunning vineyard view, just a stone’s throw from the center of Epernay.

Each of these stays offers a unique way to immerse yourself in the Champagne lifestyle and are perfect bases for exploring the region or relaxing after the best champagne tour from Paris.

Insider’s Guide: Champagne Region Through Local Eyes

  • Planning Your Itinerary: Limit your exploration to one city per day to fully enjoy each location without feeling rushed. Combining Reims and Epernay in a single day isn’t recommended.
  • Champagne Shopping: Don’t leave without regional specialties like biscuits rose de Reims or ratafia. These items are perfect souvenirs that capture the local taste. For more ideas, check out my guide on 100% Champenois products.
  • Navigating Champagne: Access to Reims and Epernay is straightforward by train, but for further exploration, taxis are necessary. Each champagne house visit usually lasts around 1.5 hours, so plan for two visits a day with a meal in between for an ideal schedule.
  • Supporting Local Producers: Buy your champagne directly from small winegrowers for better prices and to support local businesses. Remember, the region’s villages are spread out, so a car is essential for extensive exploration.
  • Maximizing Your Visit with Day Trips: If you’re short on time, consider a Champagne day trip. These trips are comprehensive, with everything arranged for you, from tours to tastings.
  • Booking in Advance: Reserve your visits ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss out on your preferred champagne houses, especially since some tours are offered exclusively in certain languages.
  • Snack Preparation: Champagne flows generously, but food offerings can be scarce. Bring along snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Embarking on the best champagne tour from Paris offers an enchanting experience for wine lovers eager to delve into the world of Europe’s most celebrated sparkling wines. With its stunning scenery, opulent amenities, expert guides, and stringent safety protocols, a day trip to Champagne from Paris is truly unparalleled. The best part? No prior wine tasting knowledge is required—just a sense of adventure! With the flexibility provided by various tour operators, you can tailor your Paris Champagne tour to suit your desires, ensuring a memorable voyage through this illustrious wine region.

Remember, the best tour is one that aligns with your interests—whether it’s the allure of Epernay‘s luxury or the historical depth of Reims.

Choose a tour that offers the experiences you’re most excited about, and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable journey into the effervescence of Champagne.

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