Epernay Discover the vineyards in a Vintage Van

We have personally tested out the My Vintage Tour Company experience, an authentic trip between Épernay and Reims, through the Champagne vineyards. This vintage tour in Champagne takes you aboard this unique vehicle and in the company of two true Champagne lovers.

We are Sarah and Romain, two Sparnacians and proud owners of our beautiful private apartments in Épernay, Champagne. The best part of this story is that, like the Vintage Tour Company, we are just as passionate about our region, the wine, its land, its heritage and all it has to be experienced. 

Our aim? To provide you with the best tours, trips, tastings and activities in the region, to invite you to discover the most beautiful corners of Épernay and its surroundings, and to share a privileged moment with you so that you can spend an unforgettable stay in Champagne. 

And, after having tried it, we can confirm that taking a ride in an Estafette Alouette vintage van to discover and tour our valley and ending this excursion with a memorable tasting, is clearly a must-do during your visit to Champagne! Discover the history of the region through wine tourism between Épernay and Reims.

Experience a vintage tour in Champagne with My Vintage Tour

There is no better way to discover and learn about the mysteries of Champagne and its region than by entering the heart of its terroir on the vintage tour. We recommend that you go and meet these two passionate experts to discover Champagne onboard an Estafette van, in Reims or Épernay.

The story of My Vintage Tour

It is a beautiful story, that of Maëva and Romain, creators of this concept of guided tours of Épernay and its surroundings, and all this, in a vintage Estafette Alouette Renault which Romain has entirely renovated.

The ingredients? A brother and sister who both love Champagne and its bubbles and are also great enthusiasts of vintage vehicles. This unique experience is undoubtedly a recipe for success and has won over visitors to our beautiful region in France.

Discover the Heritage of Champagne

Whether you are local or from the other side of the world, discover the heritage of the Champagne region, enjoy tastings as close as possible to the vines that give Champagne its reputation and enjoy this original wine tourism experience.

We won’t spoil the surprise, but we can already tell you that Maëva and Romain are two fabulous guides, connoisseurs of secret corners and the most beautiful viewpoints of the valley, all with great rapport.

In addition to knowing the region like the back of their hand, they take the time to help you enjoy an exceptional moment. This duo has created a family and authentic atmosphere, and you will almost get the feeling that you are spending time with friends, they are welcoming and devoted to their fellow travellers.

The added bonus is that they are bilingual and will be able to guide you through the experience whether you are a French tourist or from somewhere else in the world.

Our favourite option, which we encourage you to take without hesitation, is the initiation to the sabrage of a bottle of Champagne, for only €10 more, you will enjoy an extraordinary tasting moment. Be warned, you might make some jealous, and you will have to draw straws to decide who will have the honour to sabre the Champagne bottle!

Don’t worry, a shared pleasure awaits you after this baptism of the bubbles, with a tasting of the Champagne freshly sabered by you personally. Sabrage in the vineyards with My Vintage Tour! An unforgettable tasting experience.

Sabrage in the vineyards with My Vintage Tour! An unforgettable experience
Sabrage !

At affordable rates, it’s time to hit the road, get in the car and enjoy your exceptional tour experience.

Tours in the Champagne region

Maëva and Romain’s credo is that everyone should have their own exceptional tour, and they want you to experience something unique and unusual. To achieve this, they offer a wide range of vintage tour in Champagne that can be adapted to your desires and with a choice of options.

  • The Essential Tour: a short 2-hour tour through picturesque Champagne villages & champagne tastings in the heart of local vineyards, all included with a commentary of the guide and admiring sumptuous panoramic views of Epernay and Reims.
    Tour Price: €42 per person
  • The heart of Champagne: a 3-hour bucolic and instructive interlude to discover Champagne, from the vine to the glass.
    Tour Price:  €70  per person
  • Sunset Champagne Tour: visit the Champagne vineyards and enjoy an aperitif in the middle of the vines while enjoying a magical moment with the sun setting behind the mountains of the valley (this is clearly our favourite tour, what could be better than being in a beautiful place when the sun is setting with a little wine? )
    Tour Price: 45 € per person
  • An unusual day in Champagne: enjoy a nice 8-hour stopover, during which you will discover not only the Champagne region and its historical heritage but also its terroir and its bubbles in the company of two winegrowers who will open their cellars to you. As a bonus, a picnic in the middle of the vineyards or enjoy local food with a meal at a local restaurant before sabering a bottle of Champagne.
    Tour Price: from €160 per person
  • Family Champagne Tour: a fun-filled time of discovery, with this tour specially designed for families with children. Between exploration of the Champagne vineyards, games, quizzes and riddles, this programme has everything to please the older children as well as the younger ones.
    Tour Price: €45 per person
  • Champagne Running Tour: sportsmen and women will be delighted to discover the Champagne region while running, with a choice of 3 routes, ranging from 8 to 20 km. A glass of Champagne will be waiting for you at the finish line to end this intense and emotional tour.
    Tour Price: €28 per person
  • Vendange Champagne Tour: a walk-in Champagne, with a visit to two local winegrowers, and a privileged meeting with the grape pickers whom you will accompany in their work, all of which is crowned by a traditional Champagne meal, with great food pairings.
    Tour Price: €159 per person, tour only available during the harvest period in September

Tour Info: the tours all depart from Épernay or Reims, but on request, Romain and Maëva will be delighted to pick you up at your holiday destination, hotel or rental houses.

Book your Champagne tour in an Estafette now! Don’t wait until you arrive in Champagne to book our tours, our guided tour days are snapped up like hotcakes.

My Vintage tour experiences

In addition to the superb tours we have outlined above, Maëva and Romain also offer other services for unforgettable and sparkling moments to make the most of your visit.

  • Tailor-made tours designed by local guides, including day tours, visits, excursions, wine tastings, transport, catering, and accommodation, all adapted to your desires.
  • For future brides and grooms: Ride to the altar in an Estafette, or organise the ultimate hen/stag party days, tasting in the heart of the vineyards.
  • The online vintage tour experience: learn how to break free and drink the best Champagne with friends or family, all from the comfort of your private living room. 
  • The tasting adventure for professionals: Plan your seminar days in the heart of the Champagne vineyards or organise your private digital team building experience for your employees.

There is no doubt about it, at My Vintage Tour, you won’t leave disappointed, only impressed by these unique vintage tours.

Like us, you will love this tour adventure, and for those who want more, and wish to continue the exploration of our beautiful Champagne region, discover our best tips to visit Reims, Épernay and the rest of the region.

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Last but not least, we are waiting for you to come and visit and spend the best days in Champagne, book your nights in our apartments and enjoy the best that our region has to offer!

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