Reims Top 5 of the most beautiful cellars to visit

Because it is important to celebrate the most beautiful moments of our lives, and because it is sabre-rattled to mark the high points of existence, today we are showing you this French must-have, champagne in its most beautiful light, in the best champagne cellars in Reims!

And what better way than to enjoy tours, activities and tastings in the cellars of Reims, one of the two unofficial capitals of Champagne, to enter this effervescent world. To prolong the pleasure, don’t miss a tour of the other champagne capital, Épernay, with its 110 kilometres of cellars and its famous Avenue de Champagne.

Visiting the cellars of the most beautiful Champagne Houses, including names like Moet and Chandon, is not just an excursion, it’s a journey through time, a leap into the past, an invitation to discover the underground passages that make up our historical heritage. We invite you to an expedition to the heart of the chalk pits for a sparkling and memorable experience. Take part in history for a moment, through the backstage of the greatest names in Champagne.

Which cellars to visit in Reims? Discover our top 5 most beautiful cellars in Reims.
You’ll be amazed as we start our tour of the most beautiful Champagne Houses in Reims.

Info: A chalk pit is a gallery dug for the extraction of lime chalk. In the Champagne region, chalk pits are used as cellars for wine and champagne.

Veuve Clicquot

♥ Cellars listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Veuve Clicquot: One of the most beautiful and best champagne cellars in Reims, France

Dive into the heart of the history of one of the greatest Champagne Houses, and discover how Philippe Clicquot, owning vines since 1772, paved the way for a success story that now honours French heritage and wine around the world.

As early as 1909, the House set up shop in the chalk pits of Reims, where you will enjoy taking your first steps.

Which experience should you choose?

  • The most curious will opt for a day tour through the cellars of the House before tasting blind an iconic cuvée and a vintage cuvée.
  • For those who prefer to bet on a safe bet, end your visit and tour with a champagne tasting of the house’s Brut Carte Jaune.
  • Lovers of bubbles and French gastronomy will opt for the express tour of the premises before quickly moving on to the tasting area: a cuvée Rosée and an iconic cuvée, along with some charcuterie, wine and cheeses, will be impatiently waiting for your group.
  • Because having a good nose is an art, share this passion for a moment and guess the smells of the aromatic garden before going down into the Champagne pits. Since you have chosen the sensory experience, the tour will end with your taste buds, the discerning palette will delight in four vintage vintages, all associated with raw milk cheeses.

In addition to these different experiences, the House offers tours of its vineyards, on foot or by bike, as well as sunny picnics in the heart of the vineyard.

Vranken Pommery

♥ Cellars listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Reims (Marne) – Domaine Vranken-Pommery
Credit – Patrick Monchicourt

On your way to explore this estate of more than 50 hectares, discover this Champagne House of Reims. You’re not dreaming, you’re about to set foot in a place of incredible historical French heritage, where more than 60 Gallo-Roman chalk pits follow one another along the 18 kilometres of wine cellars.

Champagne house Vranken Pommery
One of the best Champagne House in Reims

Entrance of the Champagne house Vranken Pommery

  • For visitors who prefer to be in their own bubble and enjoy this unique experience, the House offers audio-guided tours of the Pommery Estate, Reims. Sail from the buildings to the cellars at your leisure while enjoying the audio commentaries of the House’s experts before ending this moment tasting a few bubbles.
  • Those who prefer to learn from an enthusiast will be taken on a tour of the estate, attentive to the comments and anecdotes of the guide, before tasting the vintage Pommery Grand Cru Royal.
  • To learn all about champagne and become an expert among connoisseurs, give yourself the experience of attending a master class alongside a sommelier from the House, with the best possible finale: the tasting of emblematic cuvées. To complete this sensory experience, a free tour of the cellars is planned.

The Villa Demoiselle, a little jewel of Art Nouveau, is a must-see place on the estate. It is possible to combine a day tour visit to the estate and the Villa.

Art lovers should take advantage of their visit to Domaine Pommery to tour the temporary exhibition.


Credit ODT Marne

Lanson: Visit the most beautiful and best champagne cellars of Reims

This is the story of one of the oldest Champagne Houses in France, established in 1760, which, 260 years later, continues to write the story, between discovery and wonder, from the secret garden of the House to the depths of the chalk pits used as cellars.

The most beautiful escapes

  • An expedition to the heart of the Lanson House to discover the secrets of the elaboration of its exceptional champagne, which you will have the pleasure of tasting, with four exceptional cuvées.
  • The avant-garde will be seduced by a complete visit of the House, followed by a tasting of three cuvées, including the two latest ones.
  • Those in a hurry can discover the estate and two of its emblematic vintages.

For those who want more, in complete privacy, the House offers unique tour experiences, by reservation only:

The “Paradis Lanson” experience will allow you, in addition to the visit of the premises, to follow a master class with an oenologist of the House.
The “Vignoble Lanson” visit is an invitation to step into the vineyard to learn about the keys to champagne production, from the vines to the final product.
The “At the heart of Lanson” discovery tour rings school bells, and it’s time to attend a private training session with the head of the Lanson cellars, Hervé Dantan, before discovering Reims.


Credit Winnipix

♥ Cellars listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ruinart cellars in Reims to visit

Welcome to the doyenne of Champagne Houses, born in 1729. It was the very first of the houses to establish itself in Reims, paving the way for its sisters to offer the world the best champagnes. We suggest you travel again, but this time for a return to the future. Immerse yourself in the chalk pits where Ruinart champagnes have made their home since the middle of the 18th century, before returning to the present to savour an exquisite moment thanks to the tasting of two of the House’s cuvées, under the commentary of an expert sommelier.

Food lovers will be delighted to visit at the weekend, which is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a local brunch made with fresh produce by Valérie Radou, the chef in residence. In the heart of the superb garden, emblematic vintages and refined dishes will mingle on your table to the delight of your taste buds.


♥ Cellars listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Credit Duane Huff

Through the passion for champagne that drives them, the Taittinger family wishes to pass on the heritage from generation to generation, with the desire to make its heritage shine throughout the world. In this Champagne House, the family spirit blends with the soul of the place to offer you excellence.

  • At Taittinger, the visit may be unique, and it is a tailor-made experience that is offered to you, leaving you in control of the choice of the cuvée you will taste. But before savouring these bubbles, go back in time to discover all the secrets of champagne through the cellars of the House, the famous Gallo-Roman chalk pits from the 4th century, and then go to the remains of the Saint-Nicaise Abbey from the 13th century.
  • For the more impatient, a virtual tour of this unique experience is available on the site, guaranteed to amaze.

The Maison Taittinger opens its doors to you for the organisation of your private receptions. In a place as exceptional as its cellars, the former residence of the Counts will make your events unforgettable.

Before you’ve even come to Reims, we’re sure you’ve already realised that you can’t have a holiday here without a dive into the heart of the most beautiful Champagne Houses. Discovering the incredible characteristic chalk pits and tasting the best vintages, like Moet and Chandon is a must for locals and visitors alike.

After discovering the secrets of champagne, we invite you to discover our beautiful Champagne region, as sparkling as the bubbles in your glass, between gastronomy, historical heritage and natural sites. We guarantee you will be totally charmed with all the activities that Reims has to offer.

Bubble lovers will be delighted to discover the best brewers in Epernay, because in Champagne, you can also find excellent craft beers. Right here, we’re going to enjoy an excellent beer in our favourite local breweries.

We toast to the wonderful memories you will make!

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