Visit Joseph Perrier Champagne House in chalons en champagne (1)

Discover the Unique Joseph Perrier Champagne House

Because it’s the only champagne house in Châlons-en-Champagne, it’s all the more a must-visit and should be on your itinerary. I loved discovering Joseph Perrier, and I’m certain you will feel the same way!

Les 3 Domaines - Epernay - Avenue de Champagne - Tasting - winemaker

Epernay between vineyards and tasting

Are you looking for a place to have a champagne tasting in Epernay? Do you want to tour and discover the champagnes of wine growers? You are at the right place to discover where you can have a tasting of champagnes from the region’s local wine growers!

Visite Champagne Vollereaux

Discover Champagne House Vollereaux

Here is a Champagne House, which is one of my favourites, to visit and tour in order to discover a glass of exceptional champagne and an ancestral working method.

Visite Champagne Boizel Epernay

Champagne Boizel : a unique experience

I’m going to help you discover a wine cellar that Romain and I love. You’ll see, it’s for good reason that Maison de Champagne Boizel appears in our top of the most beautiful cellars to visit in Epernay. 

Champagne De Castellane Epernay

Visit of the Maison De Castellane, Epernay

A stay in Epernay, France, cannot be appreciated without a visit to the Maison de Castellane, Champagne House. We decided to go there for you and present you with our favourites, which you absolutely must visit.

Visiter Reims et ses Maisons

Champagne houses in Reims : The top 5

Which cellars to visit in Reims? Discover our top 5 most beautiful cellars in Reims.
You’ll be amazed as we start our tour of the most beautiful Champagne Houses in Reims.

Visite guidée d'Épernay en Champagne

What to do in Epernay, the must-sees

When you ask yourself, “What to do in Epernay”, we are here to give you our advice on the top attractions and things to do, as 100% locals tips