Visiter Reims en Champagne. Que voir et que faire à Reims pour un weekend en Champagne

My Top Places to Explore When You Visit Reims

How to visit Reims? Where to walk in Reims? Why visit Reims? Where to go near Reims? Join me for a journey around the must-see attractions of the City of Coronations, also known as the capital of Champagne!

Stay guide in Champagne region - Epernay - Reims

The ultimate stay guide to explore the French Champagne region!

Discover quickly my practical and complete guide in the form of a Q&A to be a comprehensive guide to tell you what you need to know before going to the Champagne region and to help you plan your stay. I wanted to share with you much more than a mere list of the best places to visit. This article is full of true advice to spend unforgettable moments.

Epernay Automne

Autumn in Champagne

Are you wondering when to come to Champagne? In this article, we give you all the best reasons to book your stay here in Autumn! 

Visiter la Champagne

5 good reasons to visit Champagne

Here we present our top 5 reasons to visit Champagne, history and heritage, through the Champagne vineyard and the French characters, but also to explore its iconic monuments.